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    Laser Hair Therapy can help people with thinning
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Hair Wizards Salon & Hair Therapy Center We specialize in creating fuller, thicker looking hair.


Let us first say that, it’s not about us...it’s about You!

We take pride in our work and the result is better service for you. Our objective is offering our first class services at affordable prices.  We offer cuts, color, perms to suit your personality.

Hair Services

Our stylists specialize in cuts that not only look great when you walk out of our salon, they look great when you style them at home.


Monday - Saturday

For Salon Appointments
Call 304 522-7812

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Two Great Companies

Creative Images Joins Hair Wizards

The two best hair replacement options in West Virginia and the Tristate Area have merged into one great company. Creative Images and Hair Wizards will now be operating together, in one location!


Creative Images owner, Annie Scott, opened the doors to her hair replacement business in 2002. Prior to opening, she had seven years of hair replacement experience and twenty years of barbering and cosmetology experience. Within only a few years, her business rose to become one of the top two hair replacement establishments in the area.

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Hair Replacement

The Ultimate in Non-Surgical Hair Restoration!

Hair Wizards hair replacement is virtually undetectable to both sight and touch because your hair graft is made from the finest human hair available. Your look is created to your exact age-appropriate specifications, based upon your desires and expectations, and unique lifestyle.

Whether you are an active young adult, middle-aged businessman, or whatever your age may be, we offer a personally customized solution for your specific type of balding.


Monday - Friday by appointment

For your private consultation

Craig Black 304 522-4835

Annie Scott 681-204-4949

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We have products to help thinning hair which can enhance the appearence of your hair by reducing DHT that builds up in the hair folicles. DHT can eventually cause the hair folicle to no longer produce a healthy hair shaft. The sooner the effects of DHT are controlled, the better the chance for a positive result.


Order online 24/7

Your order is shipped the next business day and shipped to you by U.S. Priority Mail for just $5.00.we accept credit cards

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